Where to start? I've lived all over the place and traveled extensively throughout the United States and Asia and in 2000 I finally settled down in San Jose. During and after college I worked on various music videos and animation projects. My first job after I received my degree  in 3D animation I ended up at a small post production house in Santa Clara editing, compositing  and animating in 3D and 2D. After bouncing around in the industry for a few years I landed a job as a Video Producer for an arcade company. The company took games like Tiger Woods Golf, Need For Speed and Madden Football and made them into arcade games. I found myself getting burnt out working 90 hours a week and sleeping in the office so I took a break from the industry. I made the move to photography because I get one shot to say everything and that pushes me to be better with every shoot. When I'm taking photos I feel like I'm meditating or in my own world.  Truth is spoken through art so I reach for that with every shot I take. I look forward to capturing what matters most to you because this is what matters most to me.

Jason Janes